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So I knit. And I think about knitting. I think about those who knit before me. The lore of knitting and the lure of knitting. It is all about how I knit in my life and what knitting means to me.


Friday 40 - Week 17

  1. Dinner with friends. The best weekends start out that way.
  2. Missing a workout because of dinner with friends.
  3. Sometimes I am super sensitive to all of the things. It makes my hair hurt to touch my neck.
  4. It takes a special person to deal with someone who has hair that feels like thousands of little knives stabbing one's neck. Thanks for...ummm...understanding?
  5. I'm not sure anyone needs those in bulk, but I guess it is better than not having enough?
  6. Friends who are happy. And looking adorable.
  7. This text to Jake: "Dude. Just told mom that you are Janelle are living together. She claims to have not known. Sorry."
  8. Watching Melanie run the marathon at four different points. 
  9. Car seats = totally optional.
  10. This text to Jake: "Taking mom to er....I'm sure she's fine but you know, YOLO and all that." (<-- For what it is worth, I have no idea what I even meant with the whole YOLO thing, it just seemed like the thing to say.)
  11. A day off work. 
  12. Columbus Day is for lunching with Dearest, meeting Melanie and Johnpaul at Starbucks, followed by manicures and pedicures with Melanie.
  13. Dinner. 
  14. Taxes. Blah.
  15. This text from Jake: "Are we sure she isn't still concussed?" 
  16. David, apparently, is in problem solving mode. This should be interesting. 
  17. When other people fall apart, I pull in closer to you.
  18. This text to Beth: "What can I say...You only hand out with smart cookies."
  19. George goes to tutoring now. 
  20. Halloween costume planning is in full gear now. 
  21. At every volleyball game, Eva Kay almost gets a serve over the net. 
  22. I force Alexander to write his spelling words three times twice a day. I'm mean that way.
  23. This text: "Just ask her what she wants..."
  24. I knit sometimes. Mostly I just think about it.
  25. This text: "Wait. Beth has a boyfriend? Yay!"
  26. This text from JenR: "Thinking of you." With a photo of an unoaked Chardonnay attached. 
  27. Naturally Pat Quinn shows up just when I wanna get my flu shot. 
  28. Free transcripts for life from the University of Chicago. Or as Dearest would say, "no incremental charge." Whatever. I'll take ten copies, please.
  29. I'm growing quite fond of my commute, though I am quite bored of every single song on my iPod now.
  30. Satellite radio is also quite boring.
  31. Listening to Eric and Kathy on the Mix 101.9 FM at least makes for some (sort of) interesting stories.
  32. Threats to send a child to the dreaded public school. If only they actually worked. (Yes, I did the same thing last week...)
  33. There is no greater way to kill a few hours than BuzzFeed quizzes.
  34. I mostly still do not read celebrity gossip stuff. All that free time is taken up by my new love of the BuzzFeed quiz. 
  35. Alexander holds on so tightly at night. He is growing up way too fast.
  36. Dearest: "Just walk away from this. I'm not sure why you would want to be in here."
  37. There is a certain something in the knowing and the not knowing. And just letting that be.
  38. Being shown how to use the paper shredder. As if I could not have figured it out if I just stared at it for a few more minutes.
  39. Quiet Fridays.
  40. Not A Bad Thing


Friday 40 - Week 16

  1. A little Dinner Club never hurt anyone.
  2. Conversations with friends that last the entire drive home.
  3. Sometimes you get a little break between problems and issues and concerns. But not so much of a break that you forget how to handle them. That would just be silly.
  4. Somehow this whole high school thing will work out. It has to.
  5. George's grades are mostly fantastic. 
  6. But George still needs help with math...
  7. This email: "I like it that the note at the bottom of your message says Not Sent from My iPhone,"because of course it really is sent from my iPhone.
  8. Forty years of the Brown Sisters. Truly beautiful.
  9. Missing personnel paperwork. Obviously it was at the top of my list to take care of.
  10. I have not completed my "exit interview" for my student loans yet. I'm pretty sure that means I never have to start paying them back.
  11. Plans are brewing for a Cohort 6 reunion. And by reunion we clearly just mean wine. 
  12. Me: "George your attitude sucks monkey balls right now." 
  13. I like a little special time with Eva Kay at Osmium Cafe. I knit. She writes vocabulary words. 
  14. A perfectly wonderful ordinary weekend. There really is nothing better.
  15. Little girls and volleyball. Eva Kay almost got it over the net several times. 
  16. George and Aidan are serious mischief makers. They may need to be separated for safety reasons.
  17. Sometimes Eva Kay spends almost an hour in her bathroom. I have no idea what she does in there but when she comes out she smells really, really good. 
  18. I am almost sort of completely caught up on my Friday 40. For now.
  19. I use my time in the car (almost 3 hours a day) to learn the lyrics to lots and lots of songs. 
  20. On that note, I have been triple dog dared by a student and the chorus teacher to sing next Thursday. I would love to say it is on, but I may chicken out...
  21. I have been unfriended on Facebook. Thank.God.
  22. This text from Jen T: "Sounds amazing." Me: "Dude. You have no idea."
  23. This text to Jen T: She was at once super weird, over the to, annoying, and rude."
  24. I'm kinda loving my high school right about now. Go Rangers! 
  25. This text: "Good news! We made it 15 minutes without tears or a crisis!"
  26. This text from my dad: "Yes - and they mean the world to me..."
  27. Homecoming. Prom. What's the difference?
  28. Dinner at Blackbird celebrating a very special -aversary. 
  29. Subject Line: Long email? I'm not sure, I haven't started writing it yet.
  30. Being certain.
  31. Apparently Carly Simon thinks We Have No Secrets. But really? Gak.  
  32. Coming back to certain, despite the exposure to We Have No Secrets.
  33. Chris: "And I forgot to mention it earlier, great shoes today." (It is always nice to be appreciated.)
  34. Sometimes I count down the days until December 19th. 
  35. Chicago is buzzing with the energy of the marathon.
  36. Lawyers apparently need awards for doing stuff. At least sometimes the food is good.
  37. Despite being told I am no longer a runner, I can talk to anybody about running.
  38. Texts messages from my mom to bring home Coke. That will never get old. Really.
  39. Things get better because they just do.
  40. Gooey


Friday 40 - Week 15

  1. Sushi and wine with friends before heading out.
  2. Sending Eva Kay over to retrieve Julie, who is taking entirely too long to get ready.
  3. I LOVE that I have a neighbor that comes over. This is the first time in my life this has happened. 
  4. Oh my God. Bub City need never happen again.
  5. Never.
  6. A lovely Sunday at Osmium Cafe with Eva Kay. 
  7. Jeremy: "So, I'll tell Cheyne to expect you at the 4:45 AM class on Tuesday and Thursday." 
  8. Holy Moley! Eva Kay made a serve over the net for the first time. And they scored on it. Game Over as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Girls playing volleyball is about the best thing ever. 
  10. Dinner at Noodles and Company after a volleyball win. 
  11. The planning of Drinky Drinky Eaty Eaty. 
  12. There will come a day when you cannot run. Today is not that day. 
  13. Sometimes it is a good thing to take a step back and then answer the phone.
  14. Melanie and I totally had dinner first. Because driving in rush hour to the hospital sucks.
  15. This text to David: "God no. I love you." 
  16. This text from Jake: "I think we are good. I'm at work but if you need to talk to me just call."
  17. My response: "Sweet. We'll chat the whole way out. It'll be"
  18. Having the day off, even if it was for crappy reasons, meant I had a truly glorious run along the lake front path. 
  19. And then a manicure.
  20. And then I had some wine while I chatted with Dick Durbin.
  21. Fine, I didn't really chat with him, but I did have some wine. And I did say hello. Because it would be rude not to, duh.
  22. Walking home. Because thank God I can walk. 
  23. I guess having a freshly painted porch and stairs that don't sag is better than absolutely nothing. I guess.
  24. I have threatened George that he will be sent to a public school if he does not stop complaining about homework. Yes. I am that kind of mom.
  25. I have cajoled Alexander into two soccer skills clinics and two goal keeper trailings a week for six weeks. Yes. I am that kind of mom.
  26. I allowed Eva Kay to quit gymnastics so she can play volleyball. Yes. I am that kind of mom.
  27. Dinner at Blaze Pizza. 
  28. Leaning in. 
  29. I had to unfriend Beth on Facebook. I just had to. 
  30. George has the Foot Funk again. 
  31. Some of the best fundraising ever takes place at G Spot. 
  32. I'm working on my Katniss braid for Eva Kay. 
  33. Somehow, we are all making it through. 
  34. Yes, yes I did go to the Shred415 at 4:45 AM twice. And I did not die. 
  35. "Jackie, don't people die working out that early?" 
  36. Too cute and too young -- Eva Kay at the makeup counter. 
  37. Sometimes I knit in my office.
  38. Sometimes the student you expect to be the most challenging is the sweetest.
  39. Personality tests may not be all that accurate. 
  40. Love Love Love


Friday 40 - Week 14

  1. Oktoberfest dinner with friends. Although the only thing German about it was the schnitzel.
  2. The mezzuzah need not point toward Israel.
  3. Acorns and pine cones and stick.
  4. George is somewhat on top of his homework. This makes me so very proud.
  5. Dinners with friends that celebrate the liver are totally fantastic. 
  6. Getting through the longest day on earth.
  7. Turns out, that girls in middle school have a different best friend almost every day. 
  8. All these best friends really necessitates a chart. 
  9. I have one student who is always so happy to see me. And he is also extremely polite. He kinda makes my whole week.
  10. It is quite nice being in a place where the people are quite nice.
  11. Summer that has just appeared. And seems like it might stick around for a bit.
  12. This: "Enjoy life. Take it by both hands, grab it, shake it and believe in every second of it."
  13. And of course this: "Adore your children. You have literally no idea how blessed you are to shout at them in the morning to hurry up and clean their teeth."
  14. Enjoying the quite perfect weather in our neighborhood.
  15. Kids and the park. For at least 15 minutes before they start arguing. I really can't ask for too much more.
  16. A Baby Stephen sleep over.
  17. A 5:00 AM workout. At least it happened, even if it wasn't pretty.
  18. Pictures sent to me by moms who could chaperone the field trip. 
  19. George and Laredo Taft. Even though he did not want to go, he wanted to go. And even if he did not want to go, he did not have a choice. And so he went.
  20. I have absolutely no idea where this Laredo Taft place is. But I don't really care. He got on a bus. I assume the school knows where to take him.
  21. There is suddenly a certain amount of security in the knowing. 
  22. I can step away from a mess I didn't make to give myself the space I need to not be sucked into the mess I didn't make.
  23. I learned the above lesson many years ago when a very wise woman told me "That's not my hurricane." Even though I learned it many years ago, I keep learning it over and over again, because I often forget.
  24. Me to Regan: "So, how's that working out for you?"
  25. This text from Kelly: "You know you should be stopping here on the way home - definitely when the kids are with Mark!"
  26. The little community of 7th grade moms who are now text buddies as we try to make sure our kids get all their homework done so they don't get a single B in 7th grade because that would truly be the end of the world. For. Real.
  27. This text from Regan: "I passed!!! Heading to the nearest bar for a glass of wine!!!"
  28. Perhaps someday I shall take my LSW exam. Until then, I will fully celebrate all my friends who do so. 
  29. Alexander: "I don't want to go to the orthodontist if I'm not missing school." 
  30. The world is such a small place. We run into people we know everywhere. Especially on the days when we look like shit because we weren't expecting to run into people we know. 
  31. I stood in line for the new iPhone. Even though it was only a 10 minute wait, I felt absolutely foolish for doing so.
  32. I miss my old iPhone.
  33. Knitting. I think I'm over halfway done with the hexagons. But it still feels like I have forever to go.
  34. Settling in.
  35. My kids have eaten so many hot dogs, they now hate them. I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It is definitely inconvenient. 
  36. Naps in the afternoon really aren't a bad thing. 
  37. I may run again soon. I can feel it.
  38. I have an office door that closes. I am so grateful for that.
  39. The days go by so quickly, but I feel every one.
  40. Human


Friday 40 - Week 13

Oh what the hell. Can I seriously not get it together enough to get a freaking Friday 40 out on Friday? I guess not. 
Sorry. I know it is really problematic for so many of you.
  1. This: "And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good." -- John Steinbeck.
  2. Cicadas. I love that I am not afraid to pick up bugs, and as a result, my daughter is not afraid to pick up bugs. 
  3. Children learn what they live. See above.
  4. Jeremy: "20 seconds long; 20 seconds strong!"
  5. Early morning knitting-Project Runway sessions in the quiet of my house.
  6. Sneaking out 15 minutes early. Even though it wasn't so sneaky.
  7. Rainy days are quiet days. 
  8. Sometimes the good news just shows up and you don't even know it is on the way. But you were really, really, really hoping it was on the way. 
  9. I now know I can stare into the eyes of a stranger for seven minutes without laughing. 
  10. Or crying.
  11. In life it is important to know about both the Rogers. Mr. Rogers who wanted us to know it was okay to be us, just as we are. And Carl Rogers, who knows that we all deserve unconditional positive regard. 
  12. Mindfulness. I'm pretty sure it will change the world. Or at least me. 
  13. I show up for other people differently {more/better/fill in the blank} than I do for myself. It would be amazing if I could show up for myself with a little more loving kindness.
  14. The average person checks his/her phone 125 times a day. I do not want to be that person.
  15. Multitasking is a lie. 
  16. Anicca = everything in life is in constant flux.
  17. Dukkha = life is difficult for all of us.
  18. Anatta = there is so seprate self.
  19. "I feel anger all the time towards my friend the enemy." - Dalai Lama
  20. There are always good things that come out of bad things. 
  21. This text: "I'm an asshole. I'm at a mindfulness training and I just took the last bagel instead of half-heartedly offering half of it to the other woman standing in line. And I took all the cream cheese."
  22. This response: "Nice!! You own that place. That bagel was righfully yours!"
  23. This response: "You shouldn't be expected to be nice until after you've digested that bagel. Duh."
  24. This response: "So the mindfulness is there. Identified you were hungry and took care of your needs. Is that so bad?"
  25. From the tiny acorn grows the mighty oak tree. Sometimes we just need reminders. 
  26. This text from Jen: "You are so funny. I love you soooo much. Especially that sultry voice...holy shit is it sexy!!"
  27. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a man for a few days, but it has passed now. 
  28. I seriously threatened to send George to public school because he complained about his homework. Yes. I am good mother. I really am.
  29. This text: "We rock so hard it should be against the law." 
  30. This response: "I bet it is in Oklahoma." <--Damn. I wish I was that clever.)
  31. Sometimes I need to hear how awesome I am. Thank you Angela for letting me know. 
  32. I can take good care of someone when they are sick. But I will still want someone to take care of me when I am sick. 
  33. This: "...I am not going anywhere..." 
  34. Eva Kay's team won their first volleyball game. Or match. Or whatever it is called.
  35. Soccer on sunny days.
  36. A couple of days off work never hurt anybody.
  37. As Team Manager, I kind of sort of just got my shit together. Considering we are just a few weeks into the season, that is pretty good.
  38. Sometimes in life, you just take it as it comes.
  39. Sleeping in. Even if "in" is 5:30.
  40. All About That Bass (sorry, I couldn't help myself).