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So I knit. And I think about knitting. I think about those who knit before me. The lore of knitting and the lure of knitting. It is all about how I knit in my life and what knitting means to me.


Friday 40 -Week 22

  1. On my day off, I did some stuff. It was nice.
  2. This text to Jake: "Also, sorry I spelled Janelle incorrectly. I think I was thinking of how gazelle-like she is. And also Janelle and gazelle rhyme and I'm a sucker for a good rhyme."
  3. Sometimes, we get a chance to have a do-over. And my kids are always so gracious by allowing them. I'm pretty lucky that way. 
  4. This text to Jake: "Can you bring some booze?"
  5. Tony: "Why is it that whenever we are in your office, we wind up talking about alcohol?"
  6. The whole 'That's what she said' thing? Apparently men will say that for the rest of all time. Us women are so lucky. 
  7. Actual, giant, fluffy flakes of snow falling. It is so beautiful in the nighttime sky. 
  8. I love this time of year. It is cold enough to be able to store your alcohol on the back porch but not so cold that it freezes it. 
  9. I think it is great that my mom thought she was going to have a sleepover with six children, let them do whatever they wanted, and think that they would still be pleasant to be around. Because no, you cannot allow six children to fry their brains on electronics until the wee hours of the morning and have them be pleasant. It just doesn't work that way. There is no medal for this. 
  10. I am a Taboo goddess. I am. I really am. I am just excellent at this game. Johnpaul is not.
  11. Vegetable patties, osso buco, Kuku Kazoo, and coconut cake. 
  12. Me: "So it's pretty much girls rule, boys drool." Janelle: "Yeah. That's my takeaway." 
  13. David: "That was involuntary, actually." Me: "So you admit there are voluntary ones?" David: "In life, yes."
  14. If my sister spends the night at my house, she will in fact scare the shit out of me in the morning when she wakes up. She won't mean to, but that is what will happen.
  15. Today is the day we have. This moment. This is happening right now. 
  16. George to me as I was pouring out an old bottle of wine: "You sure about that, mom?"
  17. Eva Kay giving clues in Taboo: "David sometimes forgets to wear these." Aidan and George in perfect unison: "PANTS!" Eva Kay: "No." Aidan and George in perfect unison "ITS NOT???" {for the record, Eva Kay thinks David forgets to wear belts}
  18. Plans for a little of this in April
  19. Would you like your shit sandwich with an olive? Everything sucks sometimes. And it is going to be okay.
  20. Sometimes my students make me laugh. Sometimes they make me want to cry. 
  21. Chicken pot pie soup is a wonderful thing on a wintry day.
  22. Not knowing how absolutely freezing it was going to be allowed me to remain blissfully ignorant. Until  I stepped outside.
  23. I love that my cat curls up next to me. It makes me believe that he really does love me.
  24. Meals made in the slow cooker.
  25. Coffee ready and waiting for me, thanks to the WeMo. 
  26. Finishing reports in just the nick of time.
  27. Updating goals in just the nick of time.
  28. Sometimes, it is a good thing when something really bad happens, because it means that somebody who needs help may get help.
  29. I don't believe it is true that a student only needs to have one good friend. But I do believe that it makes things a whole lot easier.
  30. Starting projects. Finishing them would be even greater, but I'm trying to be realistic.
  31. I'm learning all the words to Blank Space on my drive to work. Turns out, she doesn't have a "long list of Starbuck's lovers." Who knew. 
  32. I'm condsidering giving up electronics. 
  33. I'm not really considering giving up electronics.
  34. Pictures of a certain pink bike being sent this way.
  35. This text: "There is a much bigger story going on about your love, live, and soul's journey. Your goal is not to rid yourself of grief, but instead to see the happiness in your future and remove all the barriers between you and happiness."
  36. This text: "My dear experienced divorcess, please tell me I will be fine..." 
  37. Hands Free Mama
  38. This: xoxo before you go
  39. Health and energy and love and so many good things in life.
  40. The Love You Love


Friday 40 - Week 21



  1. Flights to Texas that leave on time.
  2. Pictures with my sister in which people tell us they think we are twins.
  3. We've decided to just go ahead and start telling people we are twins.
  4. A series of 'You Know You're In Texas When..." pictures. #texas
  5. Racing dad to Grandpa's house. We win. 
  6. Visiting Grandma Kay. 
  7. A hotel totally in the middle of nowhere.
  8. Melanie trying to get to the root of the smart-assery in our family. The investigation continues.
  9. Freaking Starbucks half a million miles away. 
  10. The sun is shining in Texas. 
  11. Ice cream from the hotel.
  12. Being served wine at the hotel even after the bar closed because I guilted the bartender into it. 
  13. Car rides have a way of allowing people to open up. Even when they don't mean to.
  14. David picking me up at the airport. It is a little thing, but the little things are everything. 
  15. Eva Kay greeting me when I got home: "Mama! You're home!"
  16. Beth and her kids on vacation together. Those smiles are the best.
  17. This text from Julie: "I'll be with you in spirit." I love that woman. 
  18. This text from David: "It's as good gets." 
  19. Tickets to see A Delicate Balance in New York.
  20. Registering for the Brooklyn Turkey Trot. 
  21. Me to a student: "How do you feel about missing gym to meet with me?" Response: "I sometimes fake being sick to get out of gym, so..." Me: "I can get on board with that." 
  22. Starting the termination process. 
  23. Chris: "So, what are you doing in January? I know a student that needs a 1:1." 
  24. Alexander: "Mom, if you give me a dollar bill, I can turn it into a golden dollar coin." Stop it. My heart can't take it.
  25. Eva Kay: "Mom, I don't get how we look alike."
  26. Alexander, explaining a play from a basketball game last year, "so if we ever get into that pickle again, I'm going to start fake crying so Zahir can take the free throw shot." Yes, he used the word "pickle" in a sentence. I could die.
  27. Puerto Rico is calling my name. What's that you say? You hear it too? Fabulous.
  28. This text: "1) You cuddle me even when it is my turn to cuddle you; b) you feel like a million years; 3) you kiss me at the car door every morning. Also I am bad at math."
  29. This text: "By the way, I think I fried my watch." 
  30. And this text: "Uhh... that was like 10 minutes for the report." Yes. I am a speedy report writer.
  31. George: "I don't want to join a ski club. It would interfere with my gaming." Lord. I've a gamer on my hands. 
  32. Looking forward to a Friday off. Even if it means I don't get paid for it. 
  33. Jeremy: "Fourth quarter. Freedom set." At 4:45 AM, it makes all the difference.
  34. Suddenly, Alexander's two front teeth touch in the front. Braces are amazing. 
  35. Peet's Coffee is everywhere in Chicago now. Well, at least there are two right by my house and that is kinda all that matters to me. It is so way better that Starbuks. 
  36. Knitting hexagons continues. Quietly.
  37. Family dinners.
  38. Kids doing the dishes after the family dinners.
  39. Eva Kay has a time by which she must be seated for dinner. Sometimes she barely makes it.
  40. Let's Be Still. 



Friday 40 - Week 20


  1. Snow on Halloween. Yes. This is totally normal.
  2. A two hour diatribe on the way home where I stated in no uncertain terms that I hated absolutely everything. Including the woman walking across the street, the broken down taxi cab, the wind, the snow, and most of all that liquor store over there. 
  3. My kids did not want to trick-or-treat because it was too cold. Yes. This is totally normal.
  4. I forced them to go trick-or-treating because that is the kind of mother I am.
  5. Wine in my Batman thermos while we trick-or-treat. 
  6. George: "Mom. MOM! What are you putting into my Batman cooler?"
  7. Despite all the effort my children put into their costumes, most of them look how they do on a daily basis. The exceptions are Alexander (who is wearing half of a blue morph suit) and Aidan, who is wearking Joker makeup. 
  8. Crying uncontrollably as I recount an article I read on the HuffPo about some woman's teenage son who is now too old to go trick-or-treating and recognizing that this is probably the last year the five kids will ever want to go out with us again. 
  9. No. The wine had nothing to do with those tears.
  10. Letting the kids trick-or-treat by themselves. No adult supervision. For three whole blocks. 
  11. Standing in the freezing cold watching a soccer game. Becuause that is also the kind of mother I am.
  12. Running in the crisp air. It is absolutely soul cleansing. 
  13. A menu plan for the month of November. We shall see...
  14. Knowing that every student has so much to give. Sometimes you just have to work really hard to see it. 
  15. Coming home to a made bed. 
  16. Teeny-tiny notes left on the mirror. 
  17. Being prickly. Because sometimes I just feel too much and I have to protect myself. 
  18. I get it. I can be a really bad parent sometimes and I'm not afraid to admit it.
  19. This: "When are you going to stop beating yourself up over..."
  20. I totally support my brother and his theatre crew by allowing them to completely take over my spot in the garage. I'm so giving.
  21. There really are days when I have a lot of time I cannot account for. 
  22. The days go by so quickly. I want to stop time and suck in these moments that are passing me by. 
  23. Student, when asked how she feels about being 14: "I wish things were easier like when I was eight." I get that.
  24. I already have located the schedule for the next assmebly day. Perhaps I'll even be able to see a student or two that day.
  25. Parent-Teacher conferences. Mostly excellent news.
  26. Dinner at The Bristol. They make the best chicken ever. 
  27. Me (in my head) while sitting at The Bristol: "I hate this restuarant and will never come here again."
  28. Even in my dreams, I follow the advice of my lawyer and do not submit to a breathalizer test. Nice to know I'm prepared. 
  29. Knitting at Kopi. 
  30. Sociological discussions about 'All About That Bass' while at knitting beacuse 1) I cannot believe more of you have not heard this song and 2) it really is okay to love a song because it makes you feel good because 3) that is what music is supposed to do.
  31. This from Amy Poehler: "When you're a stay-at-home mother you have to pretend it's really boring, but it's not. It's enriching and fulfilling, and an amazing experience. And then when you're a working mother you have to pretend that you feel guilty all day long."
  32. Only I do pretty much feel guilty all day long. 
  33. Leaving seven minutes early means I miss all the traffic.
  34. Making dinner.
  35. Watching some silly guy walk across Marina Towers from David's office. I'm certain there are other ways I could have spent my time. None the less, I watched. 
  36. Alexander's Last Minute Leaf Project, Aidan's Last Minute Time-Line Project, and Eva Kay's Last Minute Saint's Project. 
  37. Me to Alexander after he accidentally deleted his Last Minute Leaf Project: "What did you learn from this?" Alexander: "Not to play chess on your computer because it will cause your computer to crash." 
  38. Seeing George and Aidan work together to come up with things for his timeline like the kids' 'Meet-aversary' and Aidan's first swear word. Tears. 
  39. No more school lunches. The kids are totally in charge of making thier lunches for the week and thus far, they have made sure there is a desert item for each day. I'm not so sure about the sandwich item.
  40. Ain't It Fun



Friday 40 - Week 19


  1. Eva Kay: "Mom, I'll die if you aren't here for Halloween."
  2. Eva Kay's wonderful drawing for the Cultural Fair at OLMCA.
  3. Last minute pumpkin decorating with Eva Kay. Let's just say that it is not possible to replicate Elsa on a pumpkin in 15 minutes, no matter how badly you want to.
  4. Soccer season, oh how I love it when you wind down.
  5. Taking Eva Kay to Old Orchard during Isaac's soccer game. It was much warmer that way. 
  6. Dinner at Noodles and Company because the Blaze Pizza isn't open yet. Everybody was disappointed. 
  7. I am an equal opportunity disappointer. 
  8. Plans to go to Texas to visit my Grandma Kay.
  9. Skin that is finally falling off after my second degree burn experience. 
  10. Grand plans for a Cowtown PR. 
  11. I'm skeptical. And so is David. 
  12. David: "There is absolutely no point in you running two miles. You should not be running less than five miles. I don't care what the 'plan' says."
  13. Reports I am delaying writing. They just aren't that much fun.
  14. Drinky Drinky Eaty Eaty plans.
  15. Having Stephen for a sleep over. Truly, with all of these kids, he is of no matter to us.
  16. When I get to work early, I knit a hexagon or two. 
  17. I fantasize about knitting whenever I don't have students in my office, but never do. This should change.
  18. Running in the dark after work. I am grateful for every step in which I don't trip over a stick I can't see. 
  19. The thought of speed work. Let's see how I feel after actually doing it.
  20. This text from Angela: "We will work it out. Whatever day or time you can."
  21. And just like that, the volleyball season is over.
  22. As I was comforting Eva Kay after their heartbreaking loss, a volleyball hit me in just the right place on my head to cause uncontrolled crying. One of the mom's from the other team thought I was crying because our team lost. Sweet, but no.
  23. There are things I need to get better at. I'm still figuring out what those things are so I can figure out how to get better at them.
  24. Oh lord. How do I even start to describe the new bedtime glasses? I.just.can.not.
  25. Another year of school photos. How on earth did I make it through every other year without them?
  26. Daily, Eva Kay finds something around the house that she can add to as a part of her Halloween costume. Still, she looks less Katniss and more homeless.
  27. George falls asleep reading almost every night now. With his glasses on. 
  28. The dogs sleep in Eva Kay's room now. I love this. It is equal parts sad and sweet. 
  29. Eva Kay: "Mom, do you have ten thousand three hundred dollars? There is a seven week sleepaway camp I want to go to." Me: "Uhhhhh. No."
  30. I am fantasizing about starting a cross country team at OLMCA. Somebody please stop me.
  31. This text to Isaac: "Nice socks. Now go to bed."
  32. More plans for NYC for Thanksgiving.
  33. Procrastination.
  34. Me to David: "Just because I want to spend all day in bed does not mean I am depressed. I just really like being in bed. I want to do all the things I have to do today from bed." 
  35. The leaves changing ever-so-slightly every day on the drive to work. Fall is happening. 
  36. I honestly had no idea that George was home, thus panic-filled text messages were sent. 
  37. Walking Dead and Parenthood. Because sometimes you need to cry and other times you need to have the bejeezus scared out of you.
  38. I am there. I really am. Okay, I mostly am. I am mostly okay with this. Some days I am not, but I know they will pass and then I can get back to being mostly okay with this. And that is okay. 
  39. George is starting to look less like a little kid and more like a teenager. Can I please stop time?
  40. We Are Here



Friday 40 - Week 18

  1. Tests done on the down-low.
  2. It is always good to know that your kid is brilliant. Even if they are lazy.
  3. Making plans for New York City for Thanksgiving. 
  4. I am currently behind on my Grey's Anatomy while Dearest is fully invested.
  5. I have an amazing ability to listen to the same song over and over and over and over again on the way to work. 
  6. I have discovered that I can purchase music on iTunes with just my thumbprint, thanks to my brand new iPhone 6. Very clever Apple.
  7. I have finally seen the same car more than once on my way to work. Yes, this is quite the highlight of my day.
  8. Good posture. It just feels better.
  9. Dinner at The Bedford with Gabriel and David. 
  10. Wine. Good wine. There can never be enough good wine.
  11. I am so grateful that I do not live with my parents. That I have my own house. That I am past that phase in my life. That I was kinda never in that phase of my life after the age of 19. 
  12. Endlessly searching knitting magazines. 
  13. Giving Dearest the updates on the latest and greatest trends.
  14. Dinner at the Four Seasons. 
  15. Crashing a dinner at the Four Seasons for which I am not on the guest list. 
  16. Dearest bragging about all the fancy places he takes me for dinner. Even though they are awards ceremonies....
  17. Days at work when there are no student crisis. Makes for a somewhat relaxing day.
  18. Sometimes I think that I will actually remember the clever things my children say.
  19. Isaac: "Nice socks."
  20. Starting to think about Spring Break 2K15.
  21. Birthday celebrations on Tuesday instead of Thursday.
  22. All the right people made it to celebrate Dearest's 47th birthday.
  23. Three roasted chickens and an asparagus course.
  24. It turns out Dearest was born in 1967, not 1963. Maybe. I think.
  25. This text: "Literally almost peed my pants in the car on the way to work."
  26. This response: "I've done that before...Sweating the effort of not peeing. Legs shaking." 
  27. Ummmm. Ok, so begging is never flattering. So please stop. Also, even though this is totally my issue, it makes me feel bad. All these years later, it is time to let go...
  28. Videos of what the Hopsons do in their spare time. Love it. 
  29. Eva Kay's one true friend is the dog. She isn't sure if it is Oscar or Harper, but definitely one of them is her one true friend.
  30. Volleyball games where I get to run into the fabulous Rebecca whom I have not seen in far too long. I do miss my Alphonsus friends. Deeply.
  31. Soccer game wins. Nothing is better than wathcing the boys celebrate.
  32. Every single girl on the team celebrates when Eva Kay gets a serve over the net. Three times! 
  33. Girl's Lunch Time Chatter. I came up with that all by myself.
  34. Every morning that I make it to the Shred415 at 4:45 AM, I feel like superwoman for the rest of the day. 
  35. Fall running. There is nothing better.
  36. Post December 19th plans are being made. I have no idea what I am doing, but I suppose I'll find out.
  37. I have been informed that there is an assembly schedule. Mid-way through the day. Which explains why I was not able to meet with any of my students. Sigh. I'll get it right by December 12th for sure.
  38. Sometimes something happens and I remember that all that matters is the my family and friends. 
  39. Sometimes something happens and I am reminded that life is short. Too short. And this is all we get. 
  40. Latch