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Quietly Training. Loudly Complaining.



I have not been a good blogger as of late. I'm sure this is ultra shocking to the one of you that religiously follow my blog. What can I say, I like to keep it a low pressure situation. You know, not add one.more.thing to your massive to-do list.

You're welcome.

It isn't that I haven't been knitting. I have. Quite prolifically. I finished a couple of projects that were sitting in bags awaiting about half an hour of attention. I made some Christmas presents for My Strange Brood. I even looked that Sweater Curse straight in the eye and said, "meh, I'll knit him a scarf," which seems to be tempting fate a teensy bit, doesn't it? Knock on wood, we're still together, though I think at times he wanted to strangle me with the scarf. And vise versa, baby, vice versa.

And how could we forget my attempt at trying to list forty things that made me smile, laugh or for which I was grateful, every Friday, for a year? 

So why break the silence now, you ask? 

Well, it's to make a confession. So here goes.

I have been training for the Chicago Marathon. 

Quiet down out there. I can hear you rolling your eyes and saying, "so how is this different than the other times she 'trained' for the Chicago Marathon?"

Well, for starters, this time I am actually training for The Marathon. Like running and everything. Almost pretty faithfully, just like the training plan instructs me to do. Even when I don't feel like running and the humidity is 6200%. Mostly. 

So far I have logged 97.48 training miles, and here is what I have learned so far:

  1. Marathon training is not super fun;
  2. Marathon training is hard;
  3. I am not sure how the hell I am going to actually run the marathon because
  4. The marathon is a really, really, really long distance.

Don't worry, I'm not going to be one of those people that bores you with details about all the miles I run. At least not yet. I'm sure once I start running 17 and 18 miles at a stretch you'll want to hear about every single detail of every single mile. Including how the bathrooms on the lake front path don't open until at least 7 AM and some people (I'm not naming any names or pointing any fingers at myself) just relieve themselves right there on the beach in front of God and everyone, which is why I'm never, ever, ever going to Montrose Beach ever. But well hydrated runners gotta go.

And here is what I like about training for the marathon so far:

  1. I have a Post-It Note in my running log of the week's runs that I cross off after I have completed the run;
  2. After crossing off the run on the list in my running log, I then write down in my log the time it took me to run every single half mile of my run (even though this information is also recorded on the interwebs via along with my overall time and pace which then gets added to my yearly overall distance, time, and pace;
  3. I have a huge running wall calendar upon which I place a giant star on every day that I have run;
  4. Also upon my huge running wall calendar I have colored in green all the days I am supposed to run and it feels really good to see those green days dwindling;
  5. I have developed a morbid interest in my toenails and trying to predict which ones will blacken and fall off (detailed updates to follow)!

What can I say, I like crossing things off of lists. 

Anyhow, I'm super well on my way to toeing the line at the 2015 Chicago Marathon. Only 13 weeks until R(un)-Day. 

I have no actual goals that I am willing to publicly share at this time, other than to cross both the start and finish lines. I am organizing a posse of people to cheer me on along the route. I am trying to decide if Running Man will run the last 24 miles with me. And I am trying to decide if I want to be overcome with emotion at mile 14 or 16, crying the entire time because I AM SO AWESOME because I AM THE FIRST WOMAN TO EVER TRAIN FOR AND RUN A MARATHON, despite what you may have heard about Katherine Switzer and Joan Benoit Samulson.

That is my giant confession. I am not sure why I felt the need to share it with the whole wide world, especially as I am about to head to the mountains of Yellowstone and Crater Lake for a wee bit to enjoy Mother Nature and practice running hills, which is basically exactly what the Chicago Marathon is all about. 

I may promise to keep you updated on my running from time to time. But I definitely wouldn't count on it. Life is just so unpredictable these days. So I will definitely say check back frequently and you will most likely be disappointed. Check back infrequently and there is the possibility that you may read something new(ish).

So, Run Along Now.


Reader Comments (1)

You may not be the first woman to train for a marathon. But you are the first woman named Jackie King-Papadopoulos to train for it,and that's gotta count for something. You are going to come back from vacation and rock your runs because you'll be all "this path is super flat, that little hill by Irving Park, that's not a hill, that's a speed bump, and Cricket Hill, a hill that we think is so big we gave it a name, that's a gopher mound at best"

July 14, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMelanie

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