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So I knit. And I think about knitting. I think about those who knit before me. The lore of knitting and the lure of knitting. It is all about how I knit in my life and what knitting means to me.

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Friday 40 - Week 11

So this week's Friday 40 are mostly a recap of a most fantastic little getaway. I hope the memories bring a smile to my face for evermore. 
  1. Short weeks of school.
  2. Early flights to San Francisco.
  3. Whenever I go to San Francisco, I bring the perfect weather. All sunshine and perfect temperatures. 
  4. Hiking in the Muir Woods. 
  5. I see perfect acorns everywhere now. It is amazing what you see when you open your eyes.
  6. There was a space where the clouds and the ocean met and it was perfectly sublime. 
  7. There is something about being too far away from the world to hear cars or see power lines.
  8. Fellow hiker: "What did you see?" Me (laughing): "Just a face in a tree. It was winking at me." 
  9. Down by the sea. 
  10. The feeling of wind blowing through my hair and the sun on my face. 
  11. Early morning coffee at Peet's Coffee. 
  12. Selfies that may or may not flatter all those pictured.
  13. Reservations made at 7:00 AM can in fact be honored at 7:00 PM.
  14. Chiaroscuro. It is a wonderful word to say. A wonderful place to eat. A delicious place to drink.
  15. Eight miles runs through Chrissy Field. A thing of pure delight, despite the wind.
  16. I can run up hills. Despite the hills.
  17. Walking and walking and walking everywhere. 
  18. Blue Bottle Coffee. Exactly as I left it.
  19. Imaginknit. Better than I left it.
  20. Every single place in Fisherman's Wharf is exactly the same. Exactly.
  21. Ace Wasabi's Rock-n-Roll Sushi.  
  22. Text messages from George that tell me how much he loves me. That will never get old.
  23. The Fluevog Store on the Haight. Even though I didn't buy anything it is always so much fun.
  24. Dinner at SPQR. Wine at SPQR. Desert at SPQR. 
  25. Liquor stores.
  26. Walking down hills in heels. 
  27. Driving down the coast.
  28. Monterey and imagining Steinbeck walking these streets. 
  29. Dinner on the beach.
  30. The peace and honor of the San Francisco National Cemetery.
  31. Hiking in the Presidio.
  32. Sometimes I look at my daughter and I see that she looks just like me. Sometimes she doesn't look like me at all.
  33. Even though George has lice, the excitement at seeing him... and the other kids...never goes away.
  34. Me: "So, what does it feel like to go to work and not feel guilty about what you are missing with the kids?" David: "It is nice. You should try it."
  35. Being at home with the kids is so far from boring and mundane. 
  36. Some mornings are better than others. But still, there are mornings. We are so lucky.
  37. Remembering and learning and living this: There is only this day. Life is short. 
  38. Alexander gives me more kisses these days. 
  39. Learning to adapt is learning to thrive.
  40. Maybe.

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