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So I knit. And I think about knitting. I think about those who knit before me. The lore of knitting and the lure of knitting. It is all about how I knit in my life and what knitting means to me.

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Friday 40 - Week 12

  1. There really is no greater love than the love your child can give you.
  2. One last day off.
  3. I have learned that sometimes staring off into space speaks volumes. 
  4. Eva Kay is one of the most amazing little girls in the world. She invites me to tea parties in her room.
  5. I am learning that thought bubbles aren't just for the autistic kids.
  6. So freaking proud of my brother and his theatre company, Cold Basement Dramatics, for being chosen to participate in Steppenwolf's Garage Rep. That is so super badass! 
  7. I love seeing Eva Kay play with other little girls. It is something she does not get enough of.
  8. Eva Kay runs like a gazelle. And that is a thing of beauty.
  9. Sunday morning soccer games really are amazing. Even when we lose.
  10. The goalie is pretty awesome, too.
  11. A crappy run is better than no run.
  12. Eva Kay and George found me perfect twin acorns.
  13. Letting go and moving on is a truly liberating feeling, despite the sadness.
  14. The kids made their own dinner. 
  15. I choose sleep now. 
  16. Waking up at 3:37 AM leads to 5:00 AM workouts.
  17. I am superwoman. So is every other working mom. So is every mom who stays at home. 
  18. I do what I can. It almost never feels like enough.
  19. George and Alexander being woken up by their alarm clock instead of me. Stop with the growing away already. 
  20. To quote Outkast: "If what they say is nothing is forever, then what makes love the exception?"
  21. Less than is not equal. And it never will be. I should realize that now. I'm working on it, but for some reason, it is so difficult to grasp.
  22. George and Alexander have Styrophones. The Styrophones were the pieces of Styrofoam packaging in George's computer box that look just like old-timey phones. They are in constant communication now.
  23. Me (talking on my Styrophone to Alexander): "Am I on speaker phone? Can you take me off?" Alexander: picks up Styrophone and pushes an imaginary button and says, "Okay, mom. You're off speaker phone."
  24. I dug through the trash to find the Styrophones that were accidentally thrown away. No luck. But here goes round two...
  25. This text my dad sent me: "I noticed you have an office."
  26. My response: "...I think we both suffer from the same office issue: too many people know where my office is so they just keep stopping by and wanting crap from me...It's like I'm there to help them or something."
  27. Life-saving emails filled with spew sent to a friend who may or may not read them.
  28. This text from Melanie: "I think I want a Siamese cat. Stop me."
  29. Knitting again. So many hexagons. So far away from being done with Alexander's blanket. 
  30. George "striking" another student with a pencil, thus earning an hour-long detention after school, less than one day after joking about this with all the other parents in his classroom. So, we're the trouble-maker family now.
  31. Eva Kay made her own breakfast of scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, and toast. She's so brilliant it kills me.
  32. So far, three weeks into the school year, we're all doing okay.
  33. I tried in earnest to be late to an event so I could miss what I did not want to see. Instead, I got the time wrong and wound up being early. What can I say? I am not a late person.
  34. Eva Kay collecting pine cones for me. 
  35. There is nothing fair about housework. It doesn't matter how many hours you work.
  36. Trying to convince Eva Kay to be a cross country runner as I believe it is her destiny. She's intrigued but not quite buying it. Yet.
  37. Conversations about high school. When did seventh grade get so tough? 
  38. Fadil: "Do what you came here to do.!"
  39. Sometimes little moments are the only ones that matter.
  40. Rather Be

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