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So I knit. And I think about knitting. I think about those who knit before me. The lore of knitting and the lure of knitting. It is all about how I knit in my life and what knitting means to me.

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Friday 40 - Week 9

  1. My grandfather is 80 and still riding his tandem all over the place. That is amazing.
  2. Also, pretty sure my dad and grandfather were the actual, original hipsters. All you wannabes get in line. 
  3. Sometimes, it feels good to say what you want to. Even if you have been not saying it for a really long time because you are being the bigger person. 
  4. Craig: "Oh we're so glad you are here. We were afraid it was just going to be David." 
  5. This text: "Talk me through this, because it is making me sad to even think about it."
  6. My sister is training for the Chicago Marathon (again). She is now up to mileage that is crazy-long. She's gonna rock it.
  7. Alexander: "Poison Ivy is stupid. I'm never going camping again." (yes, he said the same thing last week) Me: "Well, you guys got poison ivy when you were exploring a hill that I told you was covered in poison ivy." Alexander: "Well, fine. The next time I go camping I'm never leaving the tent." Me: "Or, next time you go camping, you could stay on the trails?" Alexander: "FINE! The next time I go camping, I'm staying on the trails."
  8. George: "Why do I have to go running with you but Alexander doesn't?" Me: "Because you need it more." George: "I guess." 
  9. Carol Brady: "I'm going to miss Alice. It just won't be the same without her." Mike Brady: "Well, we can't make her stay. Abraham Lincoln put a stop to that." Huh? What? Really? The Brady Bunch just compared Alice to slavery? What? Huh?  
  10. I have been drinking coffee since 1993. I have never stirred it after I pour in the cream. I have no idea why. It is just my thing. 
  11. The most important things in life aren't the things.
  12. Asked of me: "How is it that your kids are as old as they are and you have never taken them to the Dells?" Me: "I'm the type of parent that hasn't even told my kids a place like The Dells exists. It is just easier that way."
  13. I am so touched by all the people sharing their personal struggles with mental illness. Keep talking. Keep sharing. 
  14. So the book Loser, by Jerry Spenelli, is NOT the same book as The Loser by Thomas Bernhard (which is a complex and amusing novel ...about genius and obsession...mirroring the thought process of a compulsive mind).  An important distinction for George who has to read the former for school. 
  15. Maybe someday I will tire of looking at Alexander with his braces. But for now, I love it. Like LOVE it. 
  16. Eva Kay: "Mama, did the dentist say anything about how someday I might need braces?" Me: "I don't remember. Do you want braces?" Eva Kay: "Kinda." Me: "I know. I always wanted them when I was a kid, too."
  17. I deleted this one. Because I just wasn't feeling it anymore. And I love the power of the delete key.  
  18. Sometimes I am so amazed at what my body can do.
  19. There are things I sometimes forget. But always, I am reminded. Painfully reminded.
  20. Eva Kay has two tiny freckles on the tip of her nose. They just appeared one day.
  21. I don't have to push away my feelings. I don't need permission. I have worth. No matter what you say or how you make me feel.
  22. There are moments when they all get along. They may be fleeting. But they give me hope that there can be more.
  23. Conversations with George about mental illness. Interesting. And smart. 
  24. Sometimes the things not said are more telling than the things that are.
  25. Dinner at Paul Bunyan's and then at Sprechers. Both have hats.
  26. I have completed the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS
  27. Alexander kissed me on the lips again. He's almost in double digits.
  28. Speaking of kissing, George gives the best kisses. I'm pretty sure he will soon realize he is too old to kiss me, so I'm trying to remember each and every one.
  29. Water slides and water parks. It just makes you smile.
  30. A quiet run on the 400 Trail. Possibly the least promoted trail in Wisconsin.
  31. Rainy days. Even when inconveniently timed.
  32. There are some things I understand more than other people. They are things I don't want to understand, but I do. I can never not understand them. They allow my eyes to be wide open when other people have on blinders. Stil, I would not change this for the world.
  33. The Papadopoulodge. It is at once a place of tremendous happy and sad. 
  34. Collecting acorns on the deck with Eva Kay.
  35. Hiking along the Lake Front Path in Lake Geneva.
  36. Alexander and George wanting to hold my hand. George's hands are almost the same size as mine. 
  37. Dinner at Gordy's. I've missed it there.
  38. George making pancakes in the morning.
  39. I'm still knitting dishcloths. They are incredibly peaceful.
  40. You and I 

So, there you go. 

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