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So I knit. And I think about knitting. I think about those who knit before me. The lore of knitting and the lure of knitting. It is all about how I knit in my life and what knitting means to me.

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Friday 40 - Week 8

Yes. I know. Late again. Maybe it is my new thing. Who knows. Sometimes life gets in the way of me documenting my life.
  1. I just woke up one morning, and asked myself if I wanted to be the half-way person. The answer was no, no I did not. 
  2. The ebb and flow is okay. Sometimes is it exhausting. But it is way better than the stagnant.
  3. I now know how it feels to run into and over someone while I am riding my bike. Let's just say the pedestrian has cushioned the fall and she is way worse off than me. I'm still bruise-y though. And achy pretty much everywhere. But I'm so happy I'm not the one who was hit by a bike.
  4. Helmets. They're a good thing. Everyone should wear them. Probably even the people not on bikes.
  5. Now I can justify one of these fancy helmets.
  6. Sister. Who takes the children so Running Man can be Biking Man during his One Day Ride Across Michigan.
  7. Little Bed and Breakfasts with their gigantic breakfasts.
  8. Beth: "So you are driving across the state of Michigan to meet David at the finish line?" Me: "Yes." Beth: "You are a really good girlfriend." Yes. Yes I am. 
  9. Seven miles on a trail, by myself, in Pure Michigan. A thing of beauty.
  10. I am fairly certain that I am the only person who can get lost running on a loop trail.
  11. Said to me by a passing cyclist: "Wow, you're running really fast." 
  12. It is of note that I was not running "really fast" or even "moderately fast" or simply "fast." I was running quite slow. But I thanked her for saying it just the same.
  13. Life truly is a Both/And. Even when it comes to trailers hitches and rooftop cargo carriers.
  14. This Text: "OMG! You're from the country!"
  15. Demolition Derby. That is all.
  16. I have a highlights reel. But I also have outtakes. Both are necessary in life. 
  17. Alexander's final discharge report from speech therapy. It's for real.
  18. Turns out, I can actually teach some high school boys how to read a topographical map. They will not actually be interested in learning this once the discover the elevation chart on the side of the map. They will regret this at some point, I know it. 
  19. I spent 3.5 hours at REI and did not purchase a single item for myself. This is a miracle. 
  20. Organizing my camping supplies closet post REI. Satisfying indeed.
  21. I have made a marginal dent in the unmated sock pile. I still believe...
  22. I do love the Shred415
  23. This text: "This is called coping effectively."
  24. Teaching two high school boys about to embark on a backpacking trip in the Smoky Mountains how to use the MSR Whisperlight. I love that stove. 
  25. George deciding that he will do the summer reading for school, after all.
  26. George deciding he will also complete the assignment for the summer reading.
  27. Me: "George, before you said summer homework was stupid." George: "Well, she gets really angry and upset when you don't do it, so I just decided it wasn't worth it." {Total overachiever here.}
  28. Being irrationally excited to find out that we live in the Licoln Park High School neighborhood boundary. Because in Chicago, we have to worry about what school our kids go to. Which is sad. 
  29. Turns out, the City of Chicago cares that we have not weeded our lawn. We have 72 hours to correct the situation. Ummm, they really should have asked our travel plans before deciding on that deadline...
  30. Ordering the kids' school uniforms. I will miss summer, but there is something so good about a new school year.
  31. I have actually remembered to order the school lunches for August and September. The 2014-15 school year is off to a great start! 
  32. Alexander: "Poison Ivy is stupid. I'm never going camping again!"
  33. Me to George: "Almost every time I go running, I hate the first 10 minutes. But in the end, I am always glad I went for a run."
  34. I'm so happy to be able to turn the news off. Our world can be overwhelming and full of sadness. 
  35. While I am sad about the death of Robin Williams, mental illness is a real thing, and our society needs to start recognizing and appreciating that.
  36. Knowing deep in my bones this: People who need help sometimes look a lot like the people who don't.
  37. I have never been clinically depressed. But I have a much better understanding of what it is like after reading Hyperbole and a Half. This should be mandatory reading. All of it. Not just the depression stuff. 
  38. There are good things in our world. Sometimes we have to look really hard for them. Sometimes they just smack ya in the face (figuratively, because if it was a literal smack in the face, that would be a bad thing, which we have enough of).
  39. The Trigger Point Massage Ball is a little painful miracle. 
  40. Just One of the Guys

So, there you go.

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