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So I knit. And I think about knitting. I think about those who knit before me. The lore of knitting and the lure of knitting. It is all about how I knit in my life and what knitting means to me.

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Friday 40 - Week 21



  1. Flights to Texas that leave on time.
  2. Pictures with my sister in which people tell us they think we are twins.
  3. We've decided to just go ahead and start telling people we are twins.
  4. A series of 'You Know You're In Texas When..." pictures. #texas
  5. Racing dad to Grandpa's house. We win. 
  6. Visiting Grandma Kay. 
  7. A hotel totally in the middle of nowhere.
  8. Melanie trying to get to the root of the smart-assery in our family. The investigation continues.
  9. Freaking Starbucks half a million miles away. 
  10. The sun is shining in Texas. 
  11. Ice cream from the hotel.
  12. Being served wine at the hotel even after the bar closed because I guilted the bartender into it. 
  13. Car rides have a way of allowing people to open up. Even when they don't mean to.
  14. David picking me up at the airport. It is a little thing, but the little things are everything. 
  15. Eva Kay greeting me when I got home: "Mama! You're home!"
  16. Beth and her kids on vacation together. Those smiles are the best.
  17. This text from Julie: "I'll be with you in spirit." I love that woman. 
  18. This text from David: "It's as good gets." 
  19. Tickets to see A Delicate Balance in New York.
  20. Registering for the Brooklyn Turkey Trot. 
  21. Me to a student: "How do you feel about missing gym to meet with me?" Response: "I sometimes fake being sick to get out of gym, so..." Me: "I can get on board with that." 
  22. Starting the termination process. 
  23. Chris: "So, what are you doing in January? I know a student that needs a 1:1." 
  24. Alexander: "Mom, if you give me a dollar bill, I can turn it into a golden dollar coin." Stop it. My heart can't take it.
  25. Eva Kay: "Mom, I don't get how we look alike."
  26. Alexander, explaining a play from a basketball game last year, "so if we ever get into that pickle again, I'm going to start fake crying so Zahir can take the free throw shot." Yes, he used the word "pickle" in a sentence. I could die.
  27. Puerto Rico is calling my name. What's that you say? You hear it too? Fabulous.
  28. This text: "1) You cuddle me even when it is my turn to cuddle you; b) you feel like a million years; 3) you kiss me at the car door every morning. Also I am bad at math."
  29. This text: "By the way, I think I fried my watch." 
  30. And this text: "Uhh... that was like 10 minutes for the report." Yes. I am a speedy report writer.
  31. George: "I don't want to join a ski club. It would interfere with my gaming." Lord. I've a gamer on my hands. 
  32. Looking forward to a Friday off. Even if it means I don't get paid for it. 
  33. Jeremy: "Fourth quarter. Freedom set." At 4:45 AM, it makes all the difference.
  34. Suddenly, Alexander's two front teeth touch in the front. Braces are amazing. 
  35. Peet's Coffee is everywhere in Chicago now. Well, at least there are two right by my house and that is kinda all that matters to me. It is so way better that Starbuks. 
  36. Knitting hexagons continues. Quietly.
  37. Family dinners.
  38. Kids doing the dishes after the family dinners.
  39. Eva Kay has a time by which she must be seated for dinner. Sometimes she barely makes it.
  40. Let's Be Still. 


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