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So I knit. And I think about knitting. I think about those who knit before me. The lore of knitting and the lure of knitting. It is all about how I knit in my life and what knitting means to me.

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Friday 40 - Week 19


  1. Eva Kay: "Mom, I'll die if you aren't here for Halloween."
  2. Eva Kay's wonderful drawing for the Cultural Fair at OLMCA.
  3. Last minute pumpkin decorating with Eva Kay. Let's just say that it is not possible to replicate Elsa on a pumpkin in 15 minutes, no matter how badly you want to.
  4. Soccer season, oh how I love it when you wind down.
  5. Taking Eva Kay to Old Orchard during Isaac's soccer game. It was much warmer that way. 
  6. Dinner at Noodles and Company because the Blaze Pizza isn't open yet. Everybody was disappointed. 
  7. I am an equal opportunity disappointer. 
  8. Plans to go to Texas to visit my Grandma Kay.
  9. Skin that is finally falling off after my second degree burn experience. 
  10. Grand plans for a Cowtown PR. 
  11. I'm skeptical. And so is David. 
  12. David: "There is absolutely no point in you running two miles. You should not be running less than five miles. I don't care what the 'plan' says."
  13. Reports I am delaying writing. They just aren't that much fun.
  14. Drinky Drinky Eaty Eaty plans.
  15. Having Stephen for a sleep over. Truly, with all of these kids, he is of no matter to us.
  16. When I get to work early, I knit a hexagon or two. 
  17. I fantasize about knitting whenever I don't have students in my office, but never do. This should change.
  18. Running in the dark after work. I am grateful for every step in which I don't trip over a stick I can't see. 
  19. The thought of speed work. Let's see how I feel after actually doing it.
  20. This text from Angela: "We will work it out. Whatever day or time you can."
  21. And just like that, the volleyball season is over.
  22. As I was comforting Eva Kay after their heartbreaking loss, a volleyball hit me in just the right place on my head to cause uncontrolled crying. One of the mom's from the other team thought I was crying because our team lost. Sweet, but no.
  23. There are things I need to get better at. I'm still figuring out what those things are so I can figure out how to get better at them.
  24. Oh lord. How do I even start to describe the new bedtime glasses? I.just.can.not.
  25. Another year of school photos. How on earth did I make it through every other year without them?
  26. Daily, Eva Kay finds something around the house that she can add to as a part of her Halloween costume. Still, she looks less Katniss and more homeless.
  27. George falls asleep reading almost every night now. With his glasses on. 
  28. The dogs sleep in Eva Kay's room now. I love this. It is equal parts sad and sweet. 
  29. Eva Kay: "Mom, do you have ten thousand three hundred dollars? There is a seven week sleepaway camp I want to go to." Me: "Uhhhhh. No."
  30. I am fantasizing about starting a cross country team at OLMCA. Somebody please stop me.
  31. This text to Isaac: "Nice socks. Now go to bed."
  32. More plans for NYC for Thanksgiving.
  33. Procrastination.
  34. Me to David: "Just because I want to spend all day in bed does not mean I am depressed. I just really like being in bed. I want to do all the things I have to do today from bed." 
  35. The leaves changing ever-so-slightly every day on the drive to work. Fall is happening. 
  36. I honestly had no idea that George was home, thus panic-filled text messages were sent. 
  37. Walking Dead and Parenthood. Because sometimes you need to cry and other times you need to have the bejeezus scared out of you.
  38. I am there. I really am. Okay, I mostly am. I am mostly okay with this. Some days I am not, but I know they will pass and then I can get back to being mostly okay with this. And that is okay. 
  39. George is starting to look less like a little kid and more like a teenager. Can I please stop time?
  40. We Are Here


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